Drop and Shop

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Apple Beez Prep Drop and Shop  

Drop and shop is so much fun for kiddos it includes unlimited freestyle art for 2 hours of creative time while you shop or run important errands. Parents must fill out a consent form upon arrival and agree to the rules for Drop and shop. If you would like to attend more than 1 day of Drop and Shop please sign up upon arrival for additional days.

Children will participate in a variety of fun art projects created specially by them!

COST $35.00 (NO CASH)


Please read the following:

 Children will be in contact with Acrylic paint use. Paint can stain clothing. (Apple Beez prep is not responsible for any damaged clothing). 

If your child has any known allergies to any paint please notify staff before booking.

Aprons will be offered to children

Children are able to bring a snack and closed drink from home, no food or drinks are provided by Apple Beez Prep during the duration of Drop and shop.

Children will be given the opportunity to eat their snacks after 1 hour has elapsed.

Apple Beez Drop and Shop's are meant for a fun art experience and children are not being taught step by step.

Please note that some art projects may not be completely dry by the time of arrival please take precaution when loading them into your car.  

Age requirement: 5 yrs and up

Consent Agreement

Must be signed by parent/guardian upon arrival of drop off

Apple Beez Prep Drop and shop consent agreement

In the event of a medical emergency, 911 would be called and your child/children would be sent to the  nearest hospital. Then a call would be made to the child/children’s parent/emergency contact on file.  

You Authorize Apple Beez Prep Staff to supervise a Apple Beez Prep Drop and Shop and care for your child for 2 hours while he/she is in the art camp. You  agree with Apple Beez policy in the event of an emergency and your child needs medical attention that you give Apple Beez Prep permission to call 911 first and then the parent. You  agree that you will return in 2 hours or less, but if over 2  hours due to an unforeseen emergency a call  would be made to Apple Beez Prep and a late fee would apply. You agree that you are aware that no  food, drinks, or diaper changing would be expected from any of the Apple Beez Prep staff. You agree that  your child is able to assist her or himself while going to the washroom. You agree that Apple Beez Prep would  only assist and look after your child with basic art studio projects, while the child waits on your return. You  agree that you will not hold Apple Beez Prep or any of Apple Beez Prep workers accountable for any lost or  damaged items that your child may have damaged or lost and you take full responsibility for any action  your child causes.  Please note that the child(ren) CANNOT be picked by any other party unless the parent gives consent in writing.

By signing up and enrolling your child you agree to the policy.

  • COVID PRECAUTIONS: In the event that you or someone included in your party contracts COVID-19 and you cannot attend your party or event, please note that parties or other events cannot be refunded if cancelled but they can be RESCHEDULED after your quarantine has lifted. We ask that if you have been experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 to please stay home. You may give us a call to reschedule your Party or Event.