Girl Scout Events

Apple Beez Prep Offers Girl Scout Events!

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(Please note that cash is not accepted)

If you and your troop are looking for something creative and fun to do give us a visit!

Fun Girl Scout Art Meetings

$5.00 (per painter) + price of item


Minimum of 6 painters

Food and drinks welcome

(Must have a closed top on drinks)

1 hour of reserved space

FREE Inspirational Wrist bands

Leave the cleaning to us!

Unlimited Drawing & Coloring (With the purchase of an item)

Adult Troop leaders Fee's are Waived (Does not include price of item)


All you can create freestyle art:

Troops will be provided with all basic art supplies 
(Paper, glue, scissors, glitter, markers, color pencils, etc.)
Note: Troops are welcome to paint on ceramic, canvases, and wood however it is NOT included in the cost of the flat fee.
Group of 10: (Flat fee) $85
Group of 11- 20: (Flat fee) $175
any additional + $10.00




  • COVID PRECAUTIONS: In the event that you or someone included in your party contracts COVID-19 and you cannot attend your party or event, please note that parties or other events cannot be refunded if cancelled but they can be RESCHEDULED after your quarantine has lifted. We ask that if you have been experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 to please stay home. You may give us a call to reschedule your Party or Event.